Connect cluster to control plane

The document below shares the steps to connect your Kubernetes cluster to the control plane. Ensure you have read and completed the cloud-specific guides (AWS / GCP / Azure / Generic) to prepare your cluster before connecting it.

If you already have a running cluster you can quickly get started using the below steps.

Connecting your cluster to TrueFoundry


Ingress setup: local cluster

If you are using a local Kubernetes cluster like kindorminikube, the Step 3 Ingress Setup will remain in a progressing phase. This is because local Kubernetes clusters do not typically have load balancers. You can ignore this step.


Error: ClusterModel id must be unique, truefoundry-k8s-cluster already exists.

This error can come up if you are trying to use a cluster name that is already being used by someone else. Cluster name must be unique across internet and upon submitting this would give the above error.

It doesn't matter if your actual kubernetes cluster name in the cloud provider is different then the cluster name you pass in the above form. The cluster name in the control plane URL is just a way to annotate your resources with it. It is not mandatory to keep the cluster name in the cloud and in the Truefoundry control plane same.