Launch an SSH Server

If you like controlling your coding setup, consider using your own local VS Code instead of the hosted version. By setting up an SSH Server, you can run your code directly on your server, tapping into its robust cloud resources. This way, you maintain full control over your development environment, customizing VS Code with your favourite extensions and settings.

How to find your SSH Public Key?

You can find your SSH public key in ~/.ssh/config directory of your local machine. SSH Public key is stored in a file ending with .pub
e.g. :

Creating a New SSH Key Pair

If you don't have an SSH Key Pair. You can generate one using the command:

ssh-keygen -t rsa

You can refer to this Link for generating an SSH Key Pair.

Installing ProxyTunnel

To install proxytunnel, follow the steps below:

brew install proxytunnel
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install proxy-tunnel

For Windows, you need to download the release of proxytunnel from the official Click to Download - Releases Page

Unzip the folder's contents and add the path to the folder where you unzipped the zip file to your environment variable "PATH". Refer to the link:

Connect Local VS Code with SSH

Install the extension:
Once this is done, you can access your container from the left panel.

Adding more users to SSH Server

To add more users to the SSH Server. You need to add the SSH keys to the users to the mkdir -p /home/jovyan/.ssh/authorized_keys

mkdir -p /home/jovyan/.ssh

echo "ENTER_PUBLIC_KEY" >> /home/jovyan/.ssh/authorized_keys

You can add multiple users with this. You can also remove users from this file as required.