Support self signed CA certificates

For organisations that enforce using self-signed certificates to connect to external services or other services, Truefoundry platform will have to be configured accordingly.

We will use kyverno to enable automated CA cert injection on pods selectively.


  1. Install kyverno
    $ kubectl create namespace kyverno
    $ helm repo add kyverno
    $ helm install kyverno kyverno/kyverno --version 3.2.5 -n kyverno
  2. We will use tfy-kyverno-config helm chart to enable cert injection link. Create a values.yaml and fill in the values.
      enabled: true
      sourceNamespace: <source_namespace>
        name: <name of the source configmap>
        subPath: <configmap data subpath>
        name: <name of the cloned configmap to create in each namespace>
      envs: []
      - label:
          key: <"">
          value: <"truefoundry">
        - </etc/pki/tls/certs>
  3. Install the helm chart
    $ helm install kyverno kyverno/kyverno --version 3.2.5 -n kyverno -f values.yaml

This will install a Kyverno ClusterPolicy which will inject the ca certificates in the pods getting created along with env variables if needed.

You can also add more addCaCertificateVolume.injectionConfigs with custom labels for workloads that need the CA certificate injected. The per-service labels can be configured from the truefoundry UI