Set up Alerts

Truefoundry integrates with different monitoring and alerting solutions to enable setting alerts on the deployed services or jobs. This article describes the process of setting up alerts using Prometheus/Grafana, but you can set alerts using any other monitoring and alerting provider.

To setup alerts on Grafana, you will first need to export your service's metrics dashboard to Grafana. Follow this guide for instructions.

Setup Alerting for specific Metrics

Before you can start setting up alerts for your metrics, you need to establish a destination for sending those alerts. In this case, we'll set up a Slack contact point so that when alerts are triggered, you receive notifications in your Slack channel.

To ensure your service runs smoothly and avoid disruptions, setting up alerts is crucial. This involves defining specific metrics and thresholds that trigger notifications when certain conditions are met.

A key alert you could create is a Success Rate Alert that notifies you if the success rate falls below 100%, indicating potential problems with your Service.

Success Rate Alert