Requirements for Truefoundry workload cluster

Tfy-agent needs to be installed on every workload cluster for it to be connected and managed by the central control plane. Tfy-agent requires a few other components to be installed on the workload cluster:

  1. ArgoCD
  2. Istio
  3. Prometheus

The agent requires 0.2 CPU and around 500MB of memory.

Kubernetes version in the cluster should be 1.21+.

Firewall Configuration:

  1. Egress access to the control plane URL at port 443
  2. Egress access to docker hub docker registry.

Requirements for Truefoundry control plane

This is only needed if you are hosting the control plane on your cloud.

The Truefoundry control plane ships as a helm chart that can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster. The control plane needs access to a Postgres Database and one blob storage (S3/GCS/Azure Container) for full functionality.

Resource Requirements for control plane:

  1. 2 CPU
  2. 3 GB RAM
  3. 1 Postgres DB
  4. 1 Blob Storage

Before installing Truefoundry, you will also need an organization to be created on the Truefoundry licensing server. At this point, this process is manual and can be done by reaching out to the Truefoundry team on Slack.

The Truefoundry control plane will need to be exposed at an endpoint which is accessible from all the workload Kubernetes clusters and the developers' machines.