Things required for workload cluster

In this section we will see the requirements to onboard any workload kubernetes cluster on the control plane URL. This will cover all the requirements that an infrastructure must support in order to get started with the deployments.

Common requirements

These are set of requirements which are mandatory for any cluster to work irrespective of the cluster type.

  • kubernetes version 1.25+
  • tfy-agent - agent which is installed in the cluster requires (0.2 CPU and 256MiB minimum)
  • Egress connectivity to allow agent to connect to control plane
  • kubectl >=1.22
  • helm >=3.9.0


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  • Network Requirements
    • CIDR range - /24 (min) and /16 (recommended)
    • Pod CIDR range - /16 - user a separate private network
  • Security groups
    • Allow node to node connectivity
    • Allow Egress traffic from. nodes
    • Ingress traffic at port 80, 443
  • 2 node pools
    • System node pools
      • Compute requirements - 1vCPU and 2GB memory (min)
      • Count - 1 (min) - 2 (recommended)
      • You can chose to disable cluster autoscaler for this node pool
    • User node pools
      • Compute requirements - 1vCPU and 2 GB memory (min) - 4vCPU and 16 GB memory (recommended)
      • Count - 2(min)
      • Enable cluster autoscaler for this node pool
  • Identity management
    • User assigned identity
    • Enable workload identity
    • Enable managed identity
    • Enable OIDC issuer


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  • Compute Requirements
    • Memory - 4 GB
    • CPU 2vCPU

Creating cluster

Creating kubernetes in itself is a very tedious task and for this we have managed to gather few scripts to help someone onboard their kubernetes cluster on their favourite cloud provider.

  1. AWS Instalation
  2. Azure installation
  3. GCP Installation