We recommend the following requirements for a production installation of Truefoundry. Currently, we only have the instructions for AWS
with support for other clouds coming soon. We also provide support for running a local installation with required components in the cloud.

Kubernetes Cluster:

Kubernetes version should be greater than v1.20+. If you don't have an existing Kubernetes cluster, you can spin up an
EKS cluster. We also need an ingress controller to be installed on the cluster. Any Ingress Controller like NGinx works,
but to reap all the features of Truefoundry platform, we recommend Istio.

S3 Buckets with IAM Role:

MlFoundry needs one S3 bucket and ServiceFoundry needs one S3 bucket. So if you are installing both, we need 2 S3 buckets to be provisioned. We also need to create the IAM role to access these buckets which needs to be later passed in as input
to the helm chart.

Postgres Database:

We need one Postgres database each for MLFoundry, ServiceFoundry and ML-Monitoring. You can provision an RDS on AWS and create three databases on it with the name mlfoundry, svcfoundry and ml-monitoring or provide different databases hosts also.

We also provide a Terraform module to provision the DB and S3 buckets on AWS which can be found at

Tenant ID

You will need a tenantId to install Truefoundry. You will be getting this from the Truefoundry team prior to the installation. You will also get the password for the initial admin user of the platform.

Image Pull Credentials

This will be needed to download the docker images for running Truefoundry. This will also be provided by the Truefoundry

Admin user credentials

This will be the email and password of the admin user in the system. This will also be provided by Truefoundry team
during initial installation.

Networking Configuration

  1. Truefoundry services should have access to dockerhub registry - the credentials for which will be provided by Truefoundry.

  2. The clients (mlfoundry and servicefoundry) and all other services should have egress access to