v0.4.9 - Jul 16, 2024

Multiple OpenAI Integrations, Liveness and Readiness Prob UI Revamp, Event charts, and Bug fixes


Application sets, Spec-based Integrations, Improvements: LLM Gateway, Workspaces, Metrics, Events

v0.3.200 - Apr 25, 2024

Statically Provisioned Volumes, CI/CD, ENV based Optimization

v0.3.191 - Apr 4, 2024

Fractional GPUs, AMQP autoscaling, Search & Pagination for the app listing

v0.3.180 - Mar 5, 2024

Form UI Revamp, OCLI, GPU-based Nodepool Improvements

v0.3.174 - Feb 21, 2024

SSH Server Deployment, Add models to LLM Gateway, Gitlab Integration

v0.3.171 - Jan 31, 2024

Cloud Account Integration, HuggingFace Models, UI improvements, and bug fixes

v0.3.168 - Jan 10, 2024

Model Catalogue, Deploy using Huggingface URL, Support for GPU devices and AWS inferential

v0.3.166 - Dec 12, 2023

Enhanced Secrets, Deployments, Improved UX, and Bug Fixes

v0.3.163 - Nov 22, 2023

Mirror Requests using Intercepts, Chat Model in LLM Gateway, UI Improvements and Bug fixes