Create Your First Deployment

TrueFoundry helps you to seamlessly manage the entire machine learning lifecycle, from experimentation to deployment and beyond. You can:

  1. Kickstart your machine learning journey by launching a Jupyter Notebook to explore and experiment with your ideas.

  2. Once your model is ready for training, execute a model training job from within the Notebook using the Python SDK. Or you can push your training code to a Github Repository and deploy directly from a public Github repository

  3. Seamlessly log your trained model to the TrueFoundry Model Registry, which is backed by a secure blob storage service like S3, GCS, or Azure Container.

  4. Deploy the logged model as a:

    1. Real-time API Service: Deploy your model as a real-time API Service to serve predictions in real-time, either from a public Github repository or from a local-machine / notebook
    2. Batch Inference Service: Deploy your model for batch inference to process large datasets efficiently by deploying it as a Job
    3. Async Service: Handle requests asynchronously using a queue to store intermediate requests by deploying an Async Service
  5. LLM Testing and Deployment: Evaluate and compare the performance of various LLMs using TrueFoundry's LLM Gateway capabilities. Once you've selected the desired LLM, deploy it with ease using pre-configured settings

  6. LLM Finetuning: Leverage TrueFoundry's LLM finetuning capabilities to tailor LLMs to your specific needs and data.