Dev Mode installation

Dev Mode

Infrastructure Requirements

RequirementsDescriptionReason for Requirement
Kubernetes ClusterAny Kubernetes cluster will work here - we can also choose the compute-plane cluster itself to install Truefoundry helm chartThe Truefoundry helm chart will be installed here
Egress Access for TruefoundryAuthEgress access to https://auth.truefoundry.comThis is needed to verify the users logging into the Truefoundry platform for licensing purposes
Egress access For Docker Registry1.
This is to download docker images for Truefoundry, ArgoCD, NATS, ArgoRollouts, ArgoWorkflows, Istio

Installation steps

  1. Install argoCD -
    kubectl create namespace argocd
    kubectl apply -n argocd -f
  1. Add the truefoundry helm repo
    helm repo add truefoundry
    helm repo update
  2. We will create a values.yaml for the helm chart installation -
    1. Download the values.yaml from helm chart repo -
      curl > values.yaml
    2. Fill in the tenant_name, cluster_name, truefoundry_image_pull_config_json and tfy_api_key in the downloaded file. You can get these from the Truefoundry team
  3. Apply the helm chart with the values.yaml
    helm install -n argocd inframold truefoundry/tfy-k8s-generic-inframold --version 0.0.14 -f values.yaml

Test the installation

  1. Port forward the frontend application to access the Truefoundry dashboard -
    kubectl port-forward svc/truefoundry-truefoundry-frontend-app -n truefoundry 5000
  2. Access the truefoundry dashboard from a browser by opening http://localhost:5000. You can login with the username and password provided by the Truefoundry team.
  3. Now you are ready to connect a cluster to the Truefoundry platform and get deploying. Go here for the directions. You can also onboard the same cluster as the control plane