Deploy Control Plane

Truefoundry control-plane ships as a helm chart which can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster. It has the following dependencies:

  1. A Kubernetes Cluster on which it can be installed.
  2. A Postgres Database which can be created on Postgres for testing purpose - but we recommend a managed database like RDS for production purpose.
  3. One blob storage bucket like S3, GCS or ACS bucket.

Deploying in Dev Mode

To test out things quickly to see if Truefoundry can be useful for your usecases, we provide a quick dev installation which has minimum infrastructure requirements. In the dev installation, you can test most of the features except few as mentioned below. The key differences between dev and production mode are:

  1. Postgres is provisioned on Kubernetes instead of using a managed database - hence lower reliability. We do not recommend this for production usage.
  2. Code upload from CLI feature will not work.
  3. DNS mapping is not compulsory. You can test deploying from public Github repositories or your own docker image repository, hugging face model by just port-forwarding the truefoundry frontend service.

To install Truefoundry in dev mode, you can execute the command:

ocli install-control-plane --dev

Deploying in Production Mode

To figure out the exact steps for you each of the cloud providers in production mode, you can read follow the guides below:

ControlPlane on AWS

ControlPlane on GCP

ControlPlane on Azure