Installation and Setup

For deploying any Service, Job, Function, or Model, you would need the following:

Step 1: Signup or Login on TrueFoundry

Sign up on TrueFoundry using email, Google account, or GitHub account.

Step 2: Setup ServiceFoundry

servicefoundry is the Python library from TrueFoundry used for deployment.

Install ServiceFoundry client library

On your machine, run (preferably within a virtual environment or conda environment):

pip install servicefoundry

Login from CLI

From the CLI, run the following and follow the link to authenticate:

sfy login


Login to managed or self-hosted setups

If you are running the Truefoundry platform on your own infrastructure or isolated from our public cloud offering, you can login using the --host parameter

sfy login --host

You will be prompted to complete the authentication by clicking on the link.


Please click on the above link if it is not automatically opened in a browser window.
Successfully logged in to '' as 'abc-tfy'
([email protected])

Step 3: Setup your workspace

Workspace is an abstraction that allows allocating and limiting a set of resources (CPU, Memory, GPU) within the cluster to deploy Services, Jobs, etc.

You will need to have a workspace to get started with deployment. This will either be provisioned by your DevOps / Infra teams, or you can create one.

You can read about Cluster and Workspace here.