Connect Existing Azure AKS Cluster

Truefoundry can help connect an existing AWS cluster to the control-plane. To do this, you can install the tfy-k8s-azure-aks-inframold helm chart to the cluster to install all the components.

This chart will install all the components needed for Truefoundry compute-plane. You can find the default values of this chart here.


Please make sure to provide all the required parts in the values file before installing the helm chart. Also make sure that you are not overriding any already installed components in the cluster.

If some component like argocd is already installed on the cluster, you can make the value as false in the values file and then apply the helm chart. We will recommend you to download the values file from the Github repository, modify the values as required and then apply the helm chart using the command below.

# Installing argocd
helm repo add argocd
helm repo update argocd
helm install argocd argocd/argo-cd -n argocd --create-namespace --version 6.7.10 --set applicationSet.enabled=false --set notifications.enabled=false --set dex.enabled=false

Wait for the argocd pods to come up by running the below command

kubectl get pods -n argocd

Once all the pods are in the running state, install the inframold chart

# Installing Inframold
helm repo add truefoundry
helm repo update truefoundry
helm install my-tfy-k8s-azure-aks-inframold truefoundry/tfy-k8s-azure-aks-inframold -f values.yaml -n argocd --create-namespace

The documentation for different fields can be found in the values file itself - so that should help you fill up the values. Feel free to reach out to us if you can have any doubts.