Terminate a Job

TrueFoundry provides two methods for viewing job runs: through the user interface (UI) or programmatically using either the Python SDK or the servicefoundry CLI.

Terminate a Job via User Interface

Terminate a Job Programmatically

TrueFoundry's Python SDK and servicefoundry (CLI) provide programmatic ways to terminate job runs.


To terminate a job run programmatically, you will need the following information:

  1. Application FQN: The Fully Qualified Name (FQN) of the job you want to view job runs for.

  2. Job Run Name: The name of the specific job run you want to view.

You can obtain this information from the Job-specific dashboard of the Job you are interested in.

Terminate a Job Programmatically

You can terminate the Job programmatically using either the Python SDK, or the servicefoundry CLI

from servicefoundry import terminate_job_run

terminated_job_run = terminate_job_run(

servicefoundry terminate job --application-fqn <your-application-fqn> --job-run-name <your-job-run-name>