Integration with Azure AD

Configure a new Azure AD App registration

Add a new Azure AD App registration

  • From the Azure Active Directory > App registrations menu, choose + New registration
  • Enter a Name for the application (e.g. Truefoundry).
  • Specify who can use the application (e.g. Accounts in this organizational directory only).
  • Enter Redirect URI as follows, then choose Add.

Create Azure AD Application

  • When registration finishes, the Azure portal displays the app registration's Overview pane. You see the Application (client) ID

Copy Application ID and Directory ID

Add credentials a new Azure AD App registration

  • From the Certificates & secrets menu, choose + New client secret
  • Enter a Name for the secret (e.g. Truefoundry-SSO).
    • Make sure to copy and save generated value. This is a value for the client_secret.

Create secret


Copy Secret Value

Setup permissions for Azure AD Application

  • From the API permissions menu, choose + Add a permission
  • Find User.Read permission (under Microsoft Graph > Delegated Permissions) and grant it to the created application.

Grant admin consent

Associate an Azure AD group to your Azure AD App registration

  • From the Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications menu, search the App that you created (e.g. Truefoundry).
    • An Enterprise application with the same name of the Azure AD App registration is created when you add a new Azure AD App registration.
  • From the Users and groups menu of the app, add any users or groups requiring access to the service.

Add users and group to give access

Integrate with Truefoundry Platform

To integrate the app to platform, provide following values:

  • client_id: Application Id of the Azure AD Application
  • client_secret: Secret value of Truefoundry-SSO
  • tenant_id: Directory or tenant Id of Azure AD Application