Monitoring metrics for your service

Monitoring the Deployed Services and Metrics

Truefoundry enables you to monitor your deployed services and view the metrics associated with the services.

Go to the dashboard of deployed service. There on the top right corner you will find the Metrics button.

After you click on the button, you will see the following :

You can monitor the following metrics in the dashboard:

  • CPU: CPU usage by the service
  • Memory: Memory consumed by the service in MiB
  • Network: Volume of data transmitted and received by the service.
  • Disk Usage: Rate of read and write by the service on disk
  • Request Volume : Number of request received by the service per second.
  • Success Rate: Percentage of requests that returned non-5xx responses.
  • Request Duration: This represents the latency of your service for different percentiles of total requests like P50, P90 and P99.
  • Requests by Response Code: Number of requests received per second for each response code, like 200, 401 etc.
  • Success: The piece of data on which machine learning models are trained.
  • Logs: View Logs of the service.