v0.3.139 - Jun 28, 2023

Pause Service Feature, UI Improvements and Bug fixes

New Features & Improvements:

  • Added a feature to pause and resume a service
  • Added model metadata and benchmarking information in model catalogue
  • Added a refresh button in deployment form to refresh env variables
  • Added a message on edit form if active and latest version differ to tell users they are editing an older version.
  • Added a delete option in models and artifacts in ML Repo tabs
  • Added a button to open secrets in new tab in env var section of deployment form
  • Added a validation to make value in secret creation mandatory
  • Added a search in filter dropdown for workspace in deployment page
  • Added a warning on secret deletion to show that the secret is being used in a deployment
  • Removed “Show cluster token” menu item from cluster card expanded menu

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed validation message in resource section for request/limit
  • Fixed bug where changing name from dropdown doesn't change the image in notebook deployment
  • Fixed condition if no nodepools in cluster and nodepool checkbox is enabled then deployment form submission is not allowed
  • Fixed zipped downloaded artifacts are corrupted issue
  • Fixed 500 error on cluster onboarding step-3
  • Fixed redirection issue where cancel deployment button is redirecting to the deployment details page.