v0.3.113 - May 08, 2023

Nodepools for Azure, Basic Auth in Notebook Deployment, UI Improvements and Bug fixes

New Features & Improvements:

  • Added Nodepools for Azure clusters.
  • Added basic auth in notebook deployment.
  • Added workspace info in the volume usage dropdown on the volume deployment list page.
  • Added the default Python version in the notebook image description in the notebook deployment form.
  • Added workspace name in the subdomain of volume endpoint in volume deployments form.
  • Added a way to add collaborators in GIT integrations if no collaborators exist.
  • Changed volume size limit from 200Gi to 2000Gi.
  • Change "Stop After" documentation in the notebook deployment form.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed service deletion error where deletion fails even if "allow_intercepts" is enabled and no intercepts are added.
  • Fixed expose check issue where turning off expose in port on an already exposed service fails validation on a host when using a non-wildcard domain.
  • Fixed collaborator issue for teams where a user is able to add some teams in collaborator but not others due to permission issues.
  • Fixed workspace filter issues where clicking on all would show an infinite loader.
  • Fixed the 500 issue on running jobs with array type params
  • Fixed pre-filling of dependent field in helm deployment.