v0.3.107 - Apr 27, 2023

Azure Blob Storage Support, UI Improvements and Bug fixes

New Features & Improvements:

  • Added support for Azure blob storage in mlfoundry.
  • Added a container dropdown in pod logs to view logs for a specific container.
  • Added a container column and a checkbox to toggle its visibility in logs.
  • Added spot preference to spec and manifest.
  • Changed connect cluster view to show tenant name, cluster token, and control plane URL.
  • Changed workspace actions to have the delete option inside the dropdown menu.
  • Removed the “Create Workspace” popup which would show up on the deployment listing page if there were no deployments.
  • Removed “File Mounts” from deployment forms.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed cluster applications status issue on new application installation. Now on installing an application, it will update the status to installed.
  • Fixed the endpoint issue on volume redeployment where it would disappear until the deployment was complete.
  • Fixed notebook volume size issue. It was showing 2000 MB for all notebooks.
  • Fixed volume unit issue on the deployment details page to show Gi instead of GB.