v0.3.104 - Apr 20, 2023

Notebooks, Volume Browser, UI Improvements and Bug fixes

New Features & Improvements:

  • Added notebook deployment from UI
  • Added volume browser for TFY Volumes.
  • Added metrics for notebook deployments.
  • Added full-screen button in string mount text field in the deployment form.
  • Added line numbers in the string mount text field in deployment form.
  • Added disc usage and capacity in cluster nodes table.
  • Added allocatable capacity info and requests for resources in the nodes table.
  • Added demo deployments for model and helm.
  • Added support to upload/download files between local machine and TFY Volumes.
  • Added a dropdown in deployment step-1 to select the deployment type.
  • Added deployment count and list in the volume table to show where a volume is being used.
  • Changed “Volume Storage” position and moved it under the resource section.
  • Changed volume dropdown behavior in volume mount in deployment form. Now it will show the volume list when the field is focused.
  • Changed the ML Repo icon in the side drawer.
  • Removed “Ephemeral Storage” from notebook deployment form.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed endpoint field in notebook deployment form. Now it will pre-fill with the notebook name.
  • Fixed metrics loading issue for notebook pods.
  • Fixed endpoint generation issue in the deployment form where it was not generating the correct URL dynamically.
  • Fixed random refresh issue in the deployment version table.
  • Fixed GPU dropdown bug which prevented deselection of GPUs from a deployment.