v0.3.102 - Apr 13, 2023

UI Improvements and Bug fixes

New Features & Improvements:

  • Added an option to filter the workspace and deployment list based on environments.
  • Added pagination on ML Repos page.
  • Added a “Used in” info for volumes to show which deployments are using the volume.
  • Added a confirmation popup to confirm if the user really wants to close the form when they close a form drawer that has data in the fields.
  • Added “tfy-volume://” prefix on the volumes details page for Volume FQN.
  • Added an info icon in version status pills on the deployment details page to show progress timeline on hover.
  • Added labels for the “Complete Rollout” and “Skip Rollout Step” buttons on the deployment progress tooltip.
  • Changed blob-storage deletion flow to accept the storage name for deletion confirmation.
  • Changed protocol dropdown width in deployment form to improve description readability.
  • Changed rollout field position to advanced fields in the deployment form.
  • Changed “No deployment” page to add a description of service and job deployment types.
  • Changed description for “Storage Root” field in blob storage form to show example values.
  • Changed button labels for integrations from “Create” to “Connect” to represent a more accurate action.
  • Removed “escape” key click to hide side drawers.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed description for the “Max surge” field in deployment form.
  • Fixed file mounts deletion in deployment form.
  • Fixed the issue where “Latest Version” info was still visible on the deployment details page after the deployment was complete.
  • Fixed alignment of filter popup on compare screen for Job runs.
  • Fixed model action overlay on schema drawer.
  • Fixed 500 error when the users click on compare button for ML repo with no runs.
  • Fixed word wrapping for docker registry error messages.
  • Fixed the flow of workspace creation to redirect to page one of the workspace table after successful creation.
  • Fixed created date issue on the environment and team listing page where all created dates were showing as the current date.
  • Fixed error message for logs tab when Loki is not configured for a cluster
  • Fixed error message for metrics tab when Prometheus is not configured for a cluster