Docker Registry

Setup a default Docker Image Registry

Storing Docker images of services that are built for model deployment and inference will require setup of a default Docker image registry. We support commonly used docker image registries like
Dockerhub, Github, Gitlab out of the box. We also support any docker image registry that uses the standard username password flows.

To setup the registry :

  • Navigate to the settings section of your installed truefoundry dashboard, and go to the registry section.

Registry section of Settings

  • Click on the Create Registry button, and add the credentials with a name, username, password and registry url. Registry urls for some common registries like dockerhub, github are pre configured. Any permissions required for these credentials are mentioned alongwith.

Adding Dockerhub Registry

  • Once added, the registry will show up in the list of registries.

Added Dockerhub Registry

  • On the registry you want to use as default, Choose the Set default option from the menu.

Set Default Registry

Source Control

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Secrets Manager

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