Onboarding and collaboration

Adding a new user

Sending invite to a new user

Adding users to your truefoundry installation allows them to access the dashboard.
Users are added as against the Member role to the platform, which allows an easy view each of the truefoundry components you are using. Some functionality like the Add clusters and Add docker registries are limited to the Admin role.

  • To add users, head to the Settings section, by click on the Gear icon from the bottom right.
  • You should be able to see the Users section. Choose the section.

  • On the right you will see an Invite User button. Click on the button.
  • An Invite User modal will appear, where you can enter the email address where the invite is to be sent.


Adding username is optional during the invite, it enables the admin initiate the user account with addition to workspace and cluster

  • Upon entering the email id and clicking Invite, An email will be sent to user with the subject You are invited to join Truefoundry which has the following content
User invite email

User invite email

  • Once the email has been sent, you will see the user on the list with the status
    Invite Pending in the Last Active column.

User Invite Pending Options

Resending platform invite

If the user has not received the invite, you can click on Resend Invite from the menu against the user.


User Invite Resend Invite

Assigning admin role

You can choose to promote a user to the Admin role for the tenant, by chooing the Edit option from the menu against the user. Change the users role to Admin and Save the changes.


User Invite Edit Role

Revoking access from a user

If you wish to revoke access for any user, choose the option to Deactivate from the menu against the user and confirm your action.


User Invite Deactivate User

Creating a team of users

Creating teams help in the control of platform access. Admin can directly assign a certain role to a team and provide access without having to add each user separately.

To create a team head on the to the teams section of the settings tab in the UI.

Teams tab in the UI

Teams tab in the UI



For adding a team do ensure to only use alphanumeric name (no Uppercase)

Click on the Add team button and assign an alphanumeric name to the team and add members to the team. All members should have had accepted invite to the platform or should have been assigned a user name while the invitation was sent.

Team creation page

Team creation page

The created team should be visible on the UI post successful creation with options to edit (add or remove members or change team name) and to delete the team

Successfully created team

Successfully created team

Post completion of this step you should be able to search the team by its team name whenever they need to be added to a cluster or referenced anywhere.

Adding team to a workspace

Adding team to a workspace