Adding users to your TrueFoundry installation

Adding users to your truefoundry installation allows them to access the dashboard.
Users are added as against the Member role, which allows an easy view each of the truefoundry components you are using, including experiment tracking, model deployments and monitoring. Some functionality like the Add clusters and Add docker registries are limited to the Admin role.

  • To add users, head to the Settings section, by click on the Gear icon from the bottom right.
  • You should be able to see the Users section. Choose the section.

Users section

  • On the right you will see an Invite User button. Click on the button.
  • An Invite User modal will appear, where you can enter the email address of the user to be invited.

Invite User

  • Upon entering the email id and clicking Invite, An email will be sent to user with the subject You are invited to join Truefoundry
  • Once the email has been sent, you will see the user on the list with the status
    Invite Pending in the Last Active column.

User Invite Pending Options

  • If the user has not received the invite, you can click on Resend Invite from the menu against the user.

User Invite Resend Invite

  • You can choose to promote a user to the Admin role, by chooing the Edit option from the menu against the user. Change the users role to Admin and Save the changes.

User Invite Edit Role

  • If you wish to revoke access for any user, choose the option to Deactivate from the menu against the user and confirm your action.

User Invite Deactivate User